Corporate Social Responsibility

We take our responsibility towards society and in particular towards Seychelles very seriously. Seychelles has provided us with the opportunity to progress and grow and therefore we are committed to help various local causes and events as part of our social responsibility.

Sporting Events and Venues

We are the major sponsors of the 2011 Indian Ocean Games held in Seychelles and have also upgraded and expanded the sporting facilities for this event. We sponsor a variety of sporting events, tournaments and training schemes throughout the year. These include the Annual Youth Football Tournament, The Sportsman/Sportswoman of the Year Awards, The Vijay Cricket Trophy, The Vijay Squash Tournament and The Vijay Tennis Tournament. We are a major sponsor and builder of the Amitie Football Stadium on Praslin.


We have built free of cost The International School on Praslin and we provide ongoing financial support for its operation. We also sponsor The International School on Mahe. We are a Major Donor to the Seychelles University, has pledged $1 million towards its establishment.

The Vijay Scholarships were instituted several years ago and we send 3 to 4 Seychellois students to India every year for higher education in fields not available here. This is an ongoing scheme and we will carry it on as long as there is a need.

Other Contributions

We have donated and built the Therapeutic Garden at the North East Point Regional Home for the elderly. This gives an opportunity for people to enjoy the outdoors, providing a social meeting point for the residents of the Home and a working environment for people interested in gardening. We are regular sponsors of various building projects for Mother Teresa’s ‘Sisters of Charity’ and are currently building a community hall for them. We have regularly sponsored the Festival Kreol and are one of the sponsors for the first Carnival International de Victoria held in 2011.