Environmental Management Policy

Vijay Construction (pty) Limited was established in 1979 with the objective of providing an outstanding level of civil, building and infrastructure engineering to clients and this is supported by a programme of continuous improvement.

The Board of Directors has appointed a person with the responsibility for the implementation and further development of this policy.

We have adopted an Environmental Management System, designed to meet and/or exceed the requirements of Seychelles Government and we are committed to:

  • A greener and cleaner environment for all.
  • Prevention of pollution in all areas of our operation
  • A programme of continual improvement in everything we do.
  • Keeping ourselves aware of and compliant with, all current and future legislation.
  • Reduced use of natural resources.
  • Minimize waste and maximize recycling/reuse.

Environmental targets and objectives are set for our businesses that are checked by regular management and supervisory actions together with independent internal and third party audits/surveillances.

We believe and promote that all our directly employed personnel together with any specialist sub-contractors and suppliers are responsible for the adherence to environmental targets, objectives and management programmes.

Our people will receive the appropriate levels of training and awareness to ensure that due emphasis is placed on the protection of the Environment and site care/cleanliness. Recycling and re-use of materials will be carried out where possible and where not, due care will be exercised in respect of waste disposal in accordance with current guidelines and legislation. This Policy is communicated and made available to all company personnel, supply chain, members of the public and other interested third parties.