On-going projects

Eden Island

We are the main contractors for the Eden Island Development which is on an artificial island of 50,000 square meters, created on the East coast of Mahe near the capital of Victoria. The work we are undertaking consists of the infrastructure and building works. The Infrastructure includes the Eden Bridge, roads, buggy paths, water, and sewage network. The Building works comprise Villas, Apartments, Maisons, and commercial buildings like the Eden Plaza (Shopping Mall), The Eden House, and Other Buildings. We are also building the Two Marinas – One which is operational & the Other is in progress. Our work includes all services like Plumbing, Electrical as well as Air-Conditioning. We are currently in the final phase of construction and the Project is expected to be completed in two years’ time.

Eden Plaza

Eden Plaza is a commercial development in the “heart of Eden Island” consisting of a shopping mall, with High-end retail outlets, supermarkets, restaurants, Bowling Alley, Office spaces, and Medical Centre. The Design concept by a firm of well-known architects from South Africa is based on similar High-end shopping malls in Europe and South Africa. The shopping area is designed around an open street. The upper floor has offices and an eight-lane Bowling Alley.

Savoy Hotel

Savoy Hotel is a 4-star resort built on a prominent site on one of the most beautiful & Popular Beaches in Seychelles. This consists of multi-storied accommodation blocks with all the associated facilities, like restaurants, bars, swimming pools, spa, and back of house facilities to support this. Work has recently commenced and we are currently doing the structural and infrastructure works. The expected date of completion would be mid-2012.

Long Island

Located on the spectacular St. Anne Marine Park off the coast of Mahe a 5 Star resort consists of individual villas, backed by associated facilities, like restaurants, bars, swimming pools, spa, gym, water sports and back of house facilities to support this along with a 50 meters jetty.


This is the expansion to the existing tank farm consisting of 3 steel storage tanks with a capacity 65,000,000 liters Gas-Oil (fuel) and 5 LPG Bullets with a total capacity of 2,000,000 liters along with all associated pipe work, pump stations, Fire-Fighting system and electrical/electronically control system. Work has commenced on the foundations and is expected be completed by early 2012.

Eve Island Praslin Passenger and Cargo Terminal

Situated on the Island on Praslin, This Jetty serves both cargo and passengers and is a replacement for the Baie Ste Anne Jetty originally built by us in 1995. This is a design and Build project, initially to build a 100m Long Cargo Jetty, which was later extended by 70m for a passenger Jetty, to have a total of a 170m long Jetty, 10m wide. The Design Consisted of Tubular steel piles filled with reinforced concrete with reinforced concrete capping beams and a concrete deck slab. The project is due for completion in October 2011.