The BBC Relay Station

The first auger bored pile foundation in Seychelles was successfully done in record time for all four transmission towers. The degree of accuracy in the works was the number one requirement in which all previous BBC records were beaten.

Greater Victoria Sewerage Project

Trenching and laying of over 18 kilometres of ductile iron pipe, 150mm to 450mm in diametre in difficult site conditions like rocky hill slopes, river beds and reclaimed waterlogged soils. The project was completed 8 months ahead of schedule.

Piling Works

Piling for SMB Warehouse, the largest warehouse in Seychelles was to be built on reclaimed land with very poor bearing capacity. Over 300 cast insitu tubular piles and foundation pads were installed for supporting the warehouse structure. We undertook sheet piling works for the demersal quay and the naval services quay using our own pile hammer and equipment. We have also installed cast insitu driven piles for the animal feed factory and for the new stadium complex. We installed tubular piles in the sea bed to support the pipeline for the SEPEC oil pipeline to the Airport.

Anse Royale Landfill

This solid waste management site required major earthworks. A mountain of 134,000 cu.m. of rock and soil needed to be excavated and shifted.The new shape of the hill had a slope of 1:1.8 from a height of 55m and incorporated an earth bund 20m high and 100m long using geogrid and 27,000 cu.m. of soil.A 5,700 sq.m. waterproof basin was constructed with welded geomembrane and has an average depth of 11m providing a storage capacity of over 56,000 cu.m.

Cascade and Roche Caiman Bridges

Replacement of the old Bridges at Cascade and Roche Caiman, which were totally Damaged by the Tsunami which hit Seychelles in 2004. Constructed using Tubular steel Piles driven to Bedrock, and filled with reinforced concrete, with a concrete deck to carry the roadway. Both these Bridges are On the East Coast Highway the main artery connecting the Capital Victoria & the North of the Island to the Airport and the rest of the Island.

Eden Bridge

The Eden Bridge connects Eden Island with Mainland Mahe and is the only access point for this large Residential and commercial development. Built on Tubular steel piles driven into waters around 12m deep, it has a Concrete deck on Insitu cast beams and supports the road which carries both the construction traffic and Island traffic to and fro.