Commercials and Industries

Seychelles Breweries

The extension of the Breweries on the other side of the main road with a link bridge together with mechanical installations of conveyors, etc.

Seychelles Breweries

The Inter Island Terminal

This beautiful building by the sea is the passenger terminal and has a nice restaurant for a cool evening meal.

Casino des Iles

Creole architecture displayed at its best while blending in with the natural surroundings.

Trinity House

A commercial building in the centre of Victoria with A Major Bank and shops on the ground floor and Offices on the first floor. A Typical City Centre Development built on a tight restricted site with no land for contractors facilities or storage of building materials and difficult access.

Eden House

The Headoffice of the Eden Island Development Company and the first building built on Eden Island. It has a popular restaurant on the ground floor and the sales, marketing and administrative offices of the Developers. We were awarded the rest of the Building works based on the performance and quality of this building.