Government and Public

The National Library

The most prestigious and elegant building of the town is also one of our masterpieces. The grand mosaic clad building together with molded in-situ concrete cornices 15 meters above ground cannot miss the attention of any person passing by.

The National Stadium

The project has broken all records of Seychelles. To deliver a stadium in 13 months was no easy task when everything has to be imported into Seychelles. Very few believed that the stadium would be ready for the Indian Ocean Games. To everyone’s surprise the quality stadium was ready well within time.

The Hindu Temple

A sample of Indian temple architecture is displayed in this small but beautiful Hindu temple. It certainly adds beauty to the market area of the town.

The Anglican Church

Imposing Public Building in the heart of Victoria, which serves the local congregation, was totally refurbished and rebuilt by us a few years ago.

Football Stadium, Amitie, Praslin

The long-awaited Football stadium was completed by us in record time. We are proud to be co-sponsors of this imposing structure, which we hope will bring much-needed facilities to the people of this small Island.