Old Tuna Quay

The works involved extensive repairs and rehabilitation to the old tuna quay. Includes underwater concrete works, injected concrete repairs, fixing bollards and underwater blasting and removal of debris.

Naval Services

A new sheet piled quay was built along the old slipway, the old slipway was repaired and a new slipway added involving underwater concrete works.

The Demersal Quay

As part of the East Coast Project, a new Quay was built for the fishing harbour using sheet piles, backfilling and casting a concrete slab on top. The associated works also involved rebuilding sea walls, dredging the fishing port and repairs to the old slipway.

Praslin And La Digue Jetties

The Jetties at both Praslin and La Digue were built by us in 1995 and consist of sheet piling with concrete decks, fenders, bollards and mooring facilities for the inter island ferries and cargo boats. Due to the increase in passenger and cargo movement the Port Authority has decided to build new jetties at both Islands and we are currently building the Eve Island jetty on Praslin. The work at La Digue is scheduled to commence soon.

Eden Marina

The main southern Marina at Eden Island, consisting of concrete Tubular Concrete Piles and floating pontoons with timber decking. Capable of berthing Super Yachts and a whole range of boats and catamarans of all sizes. It has become a very popular attraction in Seychelles and the adjoining Marina house has offices, Restaurants and shops to cater to the Yachting community.

SFA Jetty

World Bank Funded Project to provide a safe anchorage for local Artesian fishing Boats at the old Fishing port. The Old Quay which dated back to pre-world war times had been badly damaged by the Tsunami and needed Urgent Repairs. The Project consisted of a Sheet Piled Quay with a concrete Capping beam, Precast Skirting slabs, and a Cast Insitu Apron. We also constructed a Shelter for Fish Unloading and processing and installed Mooring Buoys in the Basin for Boats to Tie up to. The Project was officially declared open by the Fisheries Minister in July 2011.

Barges and Landing Crafts

We are proud to have built both our Landing crafts, which has provided invaluable assistance in undertaking projects on other Islands and in completing Marine and Coastal works. We are currently refurbishing a large 750 Ton work barge which soon expand our fleet of oceangoing vessels.